The Pelion region was, as the legend says, the summer residence of the Olympian Gods as well as the country of the Centaurs. it is a striking, bright green region between Pagasitikos Bay and the Aegean Sea.

On top of it, the divine weddings between Pileas and Thetis took place.

The villages, each with its own history, sown on the slopes of the mountain are unbelievable in beauty where the scenery leads into the embrace of the sea, in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea on the eastern side and the blue waters of the Pagasitikos Bay from the West side.

A well-known destination, village Portaria is “climbing” to the side of mountain Pelion, at 500m altitude, covered with luxuriant vegetation and multi-colored aromatic flowers.

The settlement had been developed around the small church of Mother Virgin of Portarea (1200 a. C.) and became the most significant settlement and trade center of Pelion.

Portaria is renowned for its mansions, squares and natural beauties. The cascade “Karavos”, the “Manas” sources, the old stone-built churches, the cobbled roads, the blossomed court yards are some of the sites that invite you to visit Portaria.
For the ones who love the mountain and the potentials it offers, Portaria is the ideal anchor point since its situated near the ski resort Agriolefkes (12km), near the beautiful beaches of east Pelion and Pagasitikos and also very close to the city of Volos. Starting from Portaria, the visitor can explore the small villages of Pelion and enjoy the most picturesque walks into plate-trees forests with running waters.

High-Lights of West Pelion (Portaria-Makrinitsa-Chania)

  • The Path of the Centaurs
  • Old churges and stone squares
  • Ski Center
  • Museums and traditional shops

Today Portaria is a leading force in the tourist development of Mount Pelion. A pole of attraction for many tourists, yet maintains its quaintness, with magnificent mansions, taps, the Folklore Museum and local celebrations.

Pelion: Resort of Olympic Gods

Portaria is accessible to all visitors, due to its small distance from Athens (340km) and Thessaloniki (240km)