Cooking Lessons

We are constantly seeking, gathering and implementing traditional greek recipes for you.

Cooking Parties: Collect – Slice – Cook – Taste

Our cooking philosophy is quite simple: we want to share with you how to cook and enjoy good and healthy food. The mission is to offer our guests the culinary experience of a lifetime, in Greece. We want to welcome you into our ‘homes’ as if it was your home and make you feel totally at ease whether you are travelling alone or coming with your spouse or friends.

11336834_933511626711153_1896757737604174639_oIf you like Greek cuisine, you’re welcome to participate in our traditional Pelion Gastronomy lessons. You will cook and taste Greek recipes under Nicky and George’s experienced guidance and supervision. Our chefs will share their expertise with the utmost generosity. All of our dishes are prepared using pure and fresh Thessalian (local) ingredients, such as olive oil, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine etc. Useful information on Mt. Pelion herbs, olive oil and other products will also be provided during the lesson.

If you wish to retain the magic of your trip to the mountain of the Centaurs and Argonauts, we are inviting you to join in our traditional Greek cuisine lessons.

11415584_933511906711125_306473478201754282_oDaily, small group, 4 hour lessons which include a preparation of five different dishes. Please let us know of any special nutritional needs.


90€ per adult

55€ per child (up to 12 years of age).

11393212_933511556711160_2445799165223468623_nGreek coffee preparation with a marsh-mallow made of must. Tsipouro or ouzo with a snack. A lunch of the lesson’s delights. A commemorative participation diploma and photos. A little bag with olives and local tsipouro, a book of recipes and a kitchen apron.

10873395_933511956711120_4262013505615170590_oThe guests will gather in a prearranged location at 10:00 am.
They will be transported to the Karaiskou farm, where they’ll be welcomed and treated coffee with an accompanying marsh-mallow made of must. A visit to the kitchen garden will follow, where local seasonal products and Mt. Pelion herbs will be shown and described.

During the lesson, tsipouro or ouzo will be offered with an accompanying snack of olives and feta cheese. Most of the ingredients will have already been placed in their bowls for the menu preparation.

After the lesson, at about 14:00 pm the table will be set for lunch. Wine consumption is free and unlimited.

Finally, a commemorative photo of all participants will be taken and memoirs will be given. The guests can also put down their impressions on our guest book.




Beetroot salad(patzarosalata)

Fish roe salad(taramosalata)

Fish in the oven with tomatoes and peppers

Raisin cake(stafidopsomo)

Fruit salad

Greek country salad(xoriatiki)

Cheese pie(Tyropita) with home made pastry fylo

Chicken with okra in tomato sauce

Greek cake with semolina and sirop(Revani)

Fruit salad




Aubergine salad(Melitzanosalata)

Politiki salad(with cabbage,carrots,peppers and celery- quick pickle)

Three kind Meat (pork,lamb,chicken) with peppers and cheese in parchment paper (kleftiko)

Greek Xalva (Semolina pudding with raisins)

Fruit salad

Salad with cucamber,feta cheese and mint

Zucchini balls fried (kolokithokeftedes)

Staffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and potatoes in the oven(gemista)

Milk pie(galatopita)

Fruit salad





Black- eyed Pea salad with  onions and dill(mavromatika)

Eggs scrambled in tomatoes(greek omelette strapatsada)

Greek stuffed zucchini with means meat and lemon sauce (kolokithakia gemista avgolemono)

Orange pie (portokalopita)

Fruit salad


Salad with boiled potatoes(patatosalata)

Aubergines(eggplants)and feta cheese in tomato sauce gratin

Greek pastitsio (baked greek lasagna with meat,sauce and bechamel)


Fruit salad



Mountain wild greens with synny eggs

Spetzofai(greek sacuge with peppers in tomato sauce)

Small baklavadakia

Fruit salad

KIDS MENU (For small groups 10 kids )


Menu 1


Menu 2



Tzatziki with cucumber and Greek yogurt

Small cheese pies (tyropitakia)

Greek souvlaki

Cookies with orange and cinnamon

Fruit salad



Greek country salad

Olive bread

Meat balls (keftedakia) with Greek pasta

Avgofetes(slices of bread with milk,eggs and honey)

Fruit salad

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