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Red Apple - Apple of Love

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“THE RED APPLE”, “THE APPLE OF LOVE”  is the result of traditions of Pelion meeting with artistic creation.

red apple symbolism

“THE RED APPLE” ever since antiquity and up to the present, HAS symbolized beauty, knowledge and wisdom, it is the fruit ASSOCIATED with love and the greatest expectations of life.

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“THE RED APPLE” has inspired painters, poets and artists throughout the centuries.

adam eve apple

“My red apple” as the young man calls his beautiful beloved –he who was shot with the arrow of love. An apple is what Εve offers Adam.

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“THE RED APPLE” WAS symbolically offered by the Byzantine emperors to their future wives.

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“THE RED APPLE” is also used in folk love tradition to awaken the good fortune of unmarried women!

red apple gift

We have created “THE APPLE OF LOVE”, “THE RED APPLE” in order to share the passion and love for life with you!

red apple

We hope that “THE APPLE OF LOVE” will ΤΙΕ you ΕTERNALLY to loved ones and cherished moments that EMBRACE the beauty, freshness and aroma of the red apples of the blessed land of Pelion.


Info: The handmade ceramic gift-symbol of Pelion “APPLE OF LOVE” belongs to the “APPLE OF DISCORD BY THE KARAISKOS FAMILY”.

giannakopoulos xristos

It was made by CERAMIC ARTIST Christos Giannakopoulos, who gave an artistic existence to the myths and traditions spread through Pilio.

Text: Ioanna Paraschaki

ceramic apple

Technical Feaures:
White faience.
First fire:1030˚C
Colouring :Ceramics enamel-Selenium red and treatment (or intervention) with metaloxides.
Second fire: 990˚C

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