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Western Pelion is the most densely inhabited and maybe the richest area, financially and culturally, in all mountainous Greece. Whilst travelling the road through the woods and slopes of the mountain, or next to the wonderfully sociable and lively coasts of the Pagasetic Gulf, you will meet, every now and then, another village with its own unique gifts to offer. The sights and beauties of western Pelion are truly endless.

Built by its inhabitants over thousands of years, the area has traditions and a culture which has flourished in the area of Magnesia and it is considered one of the cradles of culture in Greece.

Here, in “Green Greece” we offer you to enjoy your holidays in traditional atmosphere and greenfly nature, all year around. Also, you have an opportunity to combine scenic activities in nature and unique accommodation in family-run hotels. You can choose between trekking-hiking and canyoning, ski and snowboard, cooking and dance lessons…In West Pelion you can cook with local housewives a lot of Pelion specialties, hike in the Wake of the Centaurs, relax in Resort of Olympic Gods and feel a famous family hospitality of Pelion Mountain.

“Green Greece” offers holiday packages (accommodation + activities), accommodation in traditional hotels and guest houses, gastronomy tourism and other touristic services, for small groups and individuals.

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