Pelion is one of the Greek regions that retain its traditions, tastes and aromatic flavours. Our traditional sweets, especially spoon sweets and jams, are prepared and served as a warm welcome to visitors and guests. These sweets are home made and the recipes pass from generation to generation.

They consist of pure ingredients without any preservatives or artificial flavours and contain a wide variety of fresh fruits or vegetables taken directly from the blessed land of Pelion.


Mount Pelion has its own characteristic product, a variety of small apples known as firikia. Spoon sweets with fruits, nuts and sugar syrup are preserved for a long time and taste becomes even better. As Greece is blessed with a unique abundance of fruits, like strawberries, apricots, cherries, watermelons, plums, figs and oranges, we make sugar sweets and jams out of these fruits. Also we make delicious liqueurs, hilopita (traditional pastery), spices and bakery.



You can order all these products from our on-line store (coming soon!) or buy them at Kritsa Restaurant.

Honey from Pelion Mountain
Pie with nuts and syrop (karydopita)
Baklavas – traditional greek sweet with syrop
Spoon sweets
Various jams (cherry, orange, forrest fruits, apple, quince etc)
Liquer (cherry, nut, morello, orange etc)
Milk cheese
Pickle with vegetables
Greens Kritama
Greens Tsitsiravla
Mountatin Tea
Olive oil
Greek pies – with chicken, mashrooms, pumpkin, cheese, greens, Feta, cream etc
Homemade Wine

Some of products (fresh sweets and pies) are possible to buy only from Kritsa Restaurant (take away). Other products can be packaged and send by post or courier.