pelion farm kritsa

At the slopes of Pelion Mountain, after few kilometers after Portaria Village you will found our land with small farm.

This land for many many years belongs to our family and at present Stefanos Karaiskos has created here an ecological paradise where we produce organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

On the territory of our land there is a small farm where sheep and goats graze freely and here Stefanos raising some chickens and rabbits.

Also, here you can see horses, which you can fondle or take a short walk around the farm.

pelion vegetables kritsa

On our land we grow biological vegetables, including:

  • potatoes

  • tomatoes

  • cucumbers

  • zucchini

  • eggplants

  • pumpkins

  • peppers

  • radishes

  • beets

  • carrots

pelion greens kritsa gastronomy

Our fertile land allows us to grow also:

  • juicy lettuce

  • onion

  • oregano

  • parsley

  • dill

  • greens

  • other edible herbs

  • mountain tea

And from our olive groves  we produce the highest quality olive oil and olives.