1) Fill one small coffee cup or demitasse cup with cold water. Add the cold water to a briki.( A briki is a small sort of pot to boil Greek coffee. It is made of brass or copper and has a long handle ).

2) Put one tsp of the coffee into the briki. More coffee may be added to achieve a thicker foam, but less than two tsp. add your desired amount of sugar to the briki. A “medium” coffee has ½ to 1 tsp. A “sweet” coffee has 11/2 to 2 tsp of sugar in it.

3) Use the measuring teaspoon to stir the coffee and sugar into the briki’s water, let the coffee sink to the bottom of the briki and dissolve the sugar into the water.

4) Place the briki over a gas burner and heat the briki on low until the water just starts to boil.

5) Remove the briki from the heat before the foam ring closes, pour the coffee into its cup and serve.


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