The family farm is located in Portaria village (about 14km from Volos town). The owners welcome anyone who wishes to experience the traditional way of living on a Pelion farm. You will have the chance to cook with them and then taste the food.
The Karaiskos family gives you a tour on the farm. You will see the herbs garden and the feeding of the domestic animals. You can taste and buy home made products: olive oil,jams,spoon sweets from fruits,honey and herbs.
Next, you go to your ‘classroom’, an especially constructed outdoor room where the cookery lessons take place. All the ingredients provided, are fresh, produced at the farm. You can choose the food you will cook. You can select a vegetarian recipe (stuffed vegetables(tomato and peppers), cheese pie with homemade sheet, courgettes balls, tzatziki and eggplant salad ) or meat(stiffado, rabbit, meat in red sauce) and “spetzofai” traditional recipe from Pelion.
You will also learn to make “karidopita” a traditional sweet with walnuts, cinnamon, honey and eggs.

The cooking lasts about 3 hours and when the food is ready it is served and you can taste your dish. You take with you the recipe in order to cook the dishes again!